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Tips to bring your loved one home from the hospital (and keep them home):

Hospital to Home Transition Care in Waverly NE
Hospital to Home Transition Care in Waverly NE

Leaving the hospital is often the first step in a loved one’s recovery process at home. Coming back home can be more difficult than anticipated, though, especially if the stay was a long one. Hospital to home transition care plays a crucial role in helping seniors to get the help they need to come home safely and to avoid readmission to the hospital.

What Is Hospital to Home Transition Care?

Hospital to home transition care offers seniors and family caregivers assistance with all sorts of issues related to transitioning home from a hospital stay. Transition care experts work with families to identify challenges and put solutions in place in advance as much as possible. This type of care offers access to a variety of different resources depending on individual needs.

Avoiding Hospital Readmission

Hospital readmission means returning to the hospital shortly after being discharged to go home. This is not an ideal situation for seniors and can be dangerous, depending on what health issues seniors are facing. The good news is that the right support and preparation before discharge can greatly reduce hospital readmission.

Factors Related to Readmissions

There can be a lot of confusion and frustration involved in a hospital stay, especially if that stay was a particularly lengthy one. Some of the factors that make a hospital readmission more likely could include:

  • Misunderstanding discharge instructions
  • Non-compliance with medications
  • Trouble managing chronic conditions at home
  • Lack of follow-up care
  • Limited support or resources at home

These challenges can be extremely difficult for seniors to overcome alone, especially if they’re dealing with a significant health issue. With help from hospital to home transition care, patients can avoid these scenarios and have the help they need available.

Successful Transitions Home

A successful transition home involves planning for the discharge from the hospital beforehand. Patients and family caregivers receive clear instructions and have time to ask questions, line up resources, and make other preparations. Communication is another key part of transitioning home properly. Understanding when follow-up appointments are and having tools available for transportation and other necessary assistance makes a huge difference. After discharge, patients and family caregivers work collaboratively with healthcare providers to keep seniors from having to head back into the hospital.

How Home Care Can Help

Elder care providers can do so much to help with this process and hospital to home transition care makes it easier for seniors to find the assistance they need. Home care providers help with tasks like light housekeeping, helping seniors remember their appointments, and even get to those appointments on time. If seniors need help with other tasks, like bathing, personal care at home preserves independence and dignity while also ensuring seniors have help bathing and changing clothes safely and easily.

Preventing hospital readmissions is a complicated task that is a lot easier with the right help. Hospital to home transition care simplifies the process and helps families to find the tools they need to continue taking the best possible care of their aging family members.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hospital to home transition care in Waverly, NE, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Partners today at (402) 780-1211.

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