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Managing Parkinson’s Care at Home

Parkinson's Care at Home in Lincoln NE
Parkinson's Care at Home in Lincoln NE

What matters most to you? Is it staying home and managing Parkinson’s care at home?

  • If so you need a Home Care Team with a geriatric care manager, who is certified in Parkinson’s care. Meet Karla Frese & Haily Sanders from Home Care Partners.

We are both Parkinson’s Foundation Certified Ambassadors who specialize in geriatric care management of PD. We understand the disease’s progression to help you navigate support needed today and anticipate future needs to plan for tomorrow.

Comprehensive Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments using the Age Friendly 4 M’s including physical, cognitive, and emotional health, encouraging a holistic approach to care.

Medication Management: We manage timed medication reminders and monitor PD symptoms to help families understand periods of on-track vs. off-track. Symptoms we track include mobility challenges, coughing, dyskinesia, freezing, losing balance, falls, sleeping, exercises, home therapy or movement programs, bowel movements, and confusion. With these tools our team helps families stay on-track as needs change.

By anticipating the progression of Parkinson’s, we help plan for future challenges, such as mobility issues or cognitive decline, reducing the likelihood of hospitalization or a crises.

Resource Navigation: We have extensive knowledge of available resources to provide comprehensive support and a continuum of care brought home.

Care Coordination: We facilitate communication between healthcare providers, ensuring that all aspects of care are synchronized, which is crucial for managing a complex disease like Parkinson’s at home.

Avoiding Hospitalizations and Long-Term Care: We recognize early signs of complications or worsening symptoms, allowing for proactive medical intervention and medication reviews to prevent hospitalization.

Home-Based Continuum of Care: We help implement strategies and modifications to manage the disease at home, such as home safety assessments, adaptive equipment, and support services, which can delay or avoid the need for long-term care facilities and keep families in their home.

Education and Training: We are certified by the Parkinson’s Foundation to provide education and training to caregivers, helping them understand the disease and how to manage symptoms effectively.

Advocacy: We advocate for the family’s needs and what matters most to them, ensuring they receive appropriate  Parkinson’s care at home.

By engaging a with Home Care Partners, who specialize in PD, families can maintain a higher quality of life, remain in their homes longer, and focus on what matters most. Call Home Care Partners today 402-780-1211 and start living well together.

If your loved one is considering Parkinson’s care at home in Lincoln, NE, please contact the qualified staff at Home Care Partners today at (402) 780-1211.

Home Care Partners is a top provider of care management services in Lincoln, NE and Lancaster County.

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