Progressive Supra-Nuclear Palsy


Stacy dedicated herself to providing care for her mother, Denise, despite the challenges she faced due to her demanding career. Striving to strike a balance, Stacy made the most of her precious time on weekends to attend to Denise’s needs. Denise had endured countless physical therapy sessions and hospital stays, underscoring the crucial role of consistent support during Stacy’s absence on weekdays.
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The Challenge

Denise received a diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy, a condition characterized by the degeneration of cells in specific regions of the brain responsible for regulating body movement, coordination, cognition, and other vital functions. Unfortunately, this disorder caused Denise to endure frequent falls within her own home. Upon recognizing the gravity of her mother’s condition, Stacey took proactive steps and reached out to Home Care Partners to initiate a thoughtful discussion about arranging appropriate care in her home.

Our Solution

Home Care Partners and Stacey came to a consensus that the most suitable approach to provide optimal care for Denise was a  blend of personal care and recovery care. To begin this journey, the first priority was to make necessary adjustments to enhance Denise’s well-being within the comfort of her home. This involved relocating her bedroom to the main floor level, installing secure grab bars to ensure a safer shower experience, and suggesting the use of a walker to promote mobility. By implementing these home safety measures, we aim to support Denise’s health and make her daily life more manageable.

The Outcome

Before joining forces with Home Care Partners, Denise had experienced withdrawal from social groups. However, thanks to the dedicated support of our Caregivers, Denise now has the opportunity to actively engage in various activities. Simple pleasures like getting her hair and nails done have proven to be transformative for her, enabling her to embrace a more vibrant lifestyle beyond the confines of her home. For more than two years, Home Care Partners has been instrumental in helping Denise maintain her independence, fostering a positive change in her relationship with her daughter, Stacey. By alleviating the burdens of primary caregiving, Stacey can once again cherish her role as a daughter and enjoy a strengthened bond with her mother.
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