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Lorraine, a vibrant 89-year-old who had been enjoying her independent lifestyle, unfortunately experienced a sudden fall which resulted in broken ribs. This unexpected incident caused her immense pain, prompting her concerned family to reach out to her primary care physician for guidance on how they could assist her during this difficult time.

​To their surprise, the physician suggested readmitting Lorraine to the hospital by visiting the emergency room. However, after careful consideration, the family felt that this course of action might not be the best solution for their beloved Lorraine. Instead, they decided to explore alternative options, hoping to find a way for her to receive the necessary care and support within the comfort of her own home.

By choosing to seek an alternative solution, Lorraine’s family demonstrated their commitment to finding the best possible care for her while honoring her desire to maintain her independence.

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The Challenge

Lorraine’s well-being demanded round-the-clock attention, a responsibility that proved to be quite challenging for multiple family members. Inexperienced in healthCare Management, they found themselves overwhelmed and deeply affected by the sudden shift in their family dynamic. Recognizing the need for a different approach, Lorraine and her family made the courageous decision to reach out to Karla Frese, a compassionate and knowledgeable senior care advisor at Home Care Partners. Their proactive step sought the guidance of a trusted professional who could assist them in finding a more suitable caregiving solution.

Our Solution

Home Care Partners promptly initiated 24/7 restorative support for Lorraine. Our dedicated Care Management team worked closely with Lorraine’s primary care physician and physical therapy team. By establishing a strong partnership with her healthcare providers right from the beginning, Home Care Partners successfully arranged follow-up appointments with each provider, closely monitored Lorraine’s progress, and proactively addressed any concerns to prevent hospital readmissions. 

The compassionate care team collaborated with a group of providers to effectively manage Lorraine’s pain and facilitated the acquisition of essential medical equipment such as a lift chair and bathroom safety devices. Moreover, our Caregivers received comprehensive training from Lorraine’s therapist, enabling them to assist her with beneficial physical therapy exercises. These meticulous measures play a crucial role in averting unnecessary hospital readmissions and have greatly contributed to Lorraine’s sustained strength and balance.

The Outcome

Home Care Partners offered much-needed respite to the family, enabling Lorraine’s sons to fulfill their roles as loving sons rather than assuming the responsibilities of Caregivers. The remarkable restorative support services provided by the team contributed to Lorraine’s rapid progress, as she regained her strength and was able to walk and stand with the assistance of a walker after just one week! 

As the second week unfolded, her balance showed noticeable improvement, and within a couple of months, Lorraine was able to graduate from the program altogether. Her unwavering motivation, coupled with a dedicated exercise routine facilitated by her compassionate Caregivers, empowered her to reclaim her independence once again.

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